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adacasey_novak's Journal

ADA Casey Novak
17 September 1975
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ADA Casey Novak
I'm Cassandra "Casey" Novak, the Senior Assistant District Attorney for the city and county of New York, appointed to the NYPD Major Case Squad. For the past four years I worked with the Special Victims Unit, but recently got transfered.

I come from a pretty stable, typical, but large Polish Catholic family. I was born in Alexandria, Virginia where my family lived when my dad worked for the military. We moved to Littleton, a suburb of Denver, Colorado when I was 3. That's when my dad started flying commercial airplanes.

My parents both grew up as first-generation immigrants (my grandparents are all from Poland) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They met in high school and went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison together. My dad Robert, is retired from both the army and flying commercial airplanes, and my mom Dana, is a retired high school math teacher. They still live in Littleton.

I have two older brothers and two older sisters. Michael, 41, is an financial consultant in Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona. Andrew, 39, is a chef in Boulder, Colorado. Erin, 37, is an insurance salesperson in San Diego, California. Leigh, 34, is a real estate agent/housewife in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Between them I have 7, going on 8, nieces and nephews. Even though I'm far away, my family means a lot to me.

I attended Columbine High School in Littleton. I played shortstop on the Varsity softball team and have continued to play on a rec team since then. Unlike many of my upper middle class classmates, I waited tables part-time, a job I continued with into law school. I graduated high school with honors and went to the University of Colorado-Boulder on a national merit scholarship and received a B.A. in Economics.

Being the youngest I sometimes felt smothered and because of this decided to go out east to NYC for law school. I went to Fordham University law school in the City. During my final year I was engaged to Charlie Fitzgerald, but had to break it off because of his schizophrenia. It's something that has affected me ever since, but also something I rarely share or talk about.

After law school I clerked for then judge Mary Conway Clark, who quickly became my mentor. Due to her influence, after clerking I was hired by the NYC District Attorney’s office to prosecute white-collar crimes. After three years I was then transferred to SVU. It was a rough transition at first, not nearly as black and white and emotionally easy as businessmen screwing employees out of pension plans, but I grew to love it. In the four years I was with SVU I worked my way up to Senior ADA. I haven't worked any cases for MCS yet, so I'll let you know how that goes once it happens.

I currently live in a one bedroom apartment in West Midtown (in the northern Hell's Kitchen area) off 10th Ave. and 57th St.

I haven’t dated much since my failed engagement with Charlie. After work I usually go for a drink or two at a small bar near my apartment. I prefer a beer or straight vodka on the rocks to fancier drinks. Sometimes I’ll join the SVU detectives, most often I go alone. In my off time, when I'm not biking around town, hitting up the gym to rock climb and jogging, I read a lot of suspense novels and drink a lot of wine. My favorite author is Dean Koontz. My favorite wine is anything that doesn't come in a box (though sometimes that's okay too). Really though? I like a good pinot gris.

I'm very active. I play shortstop for the ADA team in the law enforcement league and spend my free time at the batting cage. I try to make sure I'm up every morning at 5 to jog in Central Park. I also ride bike to work and around the city when I have the time. I'm also a member of a Manhattan gym where I love spending time on the rock wall, the best replacement I've been able to find for Colorado. Despite my athletic abilities, I've been known to be a little on the clumsy side. I like to think I've gotten more graceful as I've gotten older, but it's still up for debate.

I am very headfirst and hands on. I can be stubborn and difficult to work with, if not a little awkward at times. Those who don't get along with me see me as an immature tomboy. I often put the professional aspects of my job before personal relationships, which makes me come off as cold and controlling. After working with the SVU detectives for some time, I've begun to show my softer side that only those close to me know. My ability to remain so dedicated to my job, especially with the cases I see with SVU that often aren’t black and white, comes from my strict code of legal ethics. I began to thrive off of order growing up in such a large household, but despite this I have always remained fiercely passionate.

This is a fictional journal for the RPG lawandorder_siu, maintained by specialk711. Casey Novak is played by the actress Diane Neal.

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